KnowledgeLake Capture Server Professional Data Sheet

Learn about the user-friendly platform that improves productivity, decision-making and compliance

KnowledgeLake offers the best capture technologies solution with Capture Server Professional.

The ultimate solution in capture technologies, KnowledgeLake’s Capture Server Professional ensures users can capture and process documents with ease.

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What does KnowledgeLake Capture Server do?

  • Web scanning & upload

  • Document conversion & optimization

  • OCR & Barcode Recognition

  • Image clean-up & enhancement

  • Assisted metadata keyword tagging

  • Connect to cloud storage, collaboration and ECM systems

  • Integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook

  • Cloud & web based for users and administrators

  • Extensible & flexible: API and app-driven platform

Not all capture technologies are created equal.

That’s why we developed this user-friendly platform that improves productivity, decision-making and compliance.

Whether your organization operates in the cloud or on-premises, KnowledgeLake Capture Server Professional ensures your users can capture documents and other content with ease. Whether employees scan directly from a web browser or import content from locations like directories, e-mail inboxes or other client applications, Capture Server Professional can enhance the quality of scanned documents to improve readability then employ Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for automation needs.

The ultimate solution in capture technologies, KnowledgeLake’s platform also tags business information with metadata keywords as well as classifies, separates and extracts content. With advanced capture integration, your business can also leverage taxonomies as well as metadata structures from multiple ECM systems and other repositories you may already have in place.

What does this mean to you? Your organization? Your users?

This capability enables Capture Server Professional to work with multiple repositories such as SharePoint, SharePoint Online, Box, Google, Egnyte, file shares or line-of-business (LOB) systems so information is automatically sent and stored in the appropriate place. In other words, this ability means employees don’t have to worry about sending the document to the wrong place. As a proven capture technologies leader, KnowledgeLake’s solution sends the information to wherever it needs to go, helping employees to easily find and retrieve information when it is needed while ensuring proper governance.

Learn more about how all of these actions help to your users save time, allowing them to focus on the tasks that add real value to your organization while cutting costs and the risks of regulatory or compliance fines Also, discover how we ensure user adoption with a user-friendly interface.